After a full on few days of partying and surfing in and around Kuta we were all very much ready to jump on a bus for a nap and head to the relaxing town of Ubud in the uplands of Bali, famous for Bali’s rainforest and rice terraces.

There wasn’t much time to chill though as today was also my birthday and we had a fully packed day ahead! Our first stop on the way to our hotel was the Tegenungan Waterfall. It’s a bit of a hike down and back up but definitely worth it!



After checking in to our hotel we headed out in to the town, grabbing quesadillas at this little Mexican restaurant which was as with most places in Bali, delicious! After lunch it was straight on to the Sacred Monkey Forest Sanctuary. These monkeys are obviously used to meeting hundreds of tourists a day but can also be pretty vicious. You can buy bananas there to entice monkey’s on to your shoulders for that insta shot, but be sure to time it well and not hold on to the food because you could end with a couple of monkey’s fighting on your back! it’s a really cool place just to wander around too, but expect to come out needing a shower, the monkeys stink.



After a few hours in the monkey forest we had some time to kill so roamed the streets looking for the best place to get a massage (we definitely picked the wrong one, I’m still in pain) and did a little bit of local shopping. A quick shower later and we headed out to another restaurant, the LUXE barbeque and grill. You pay for the meats you want by weight and the chefs cook it in front of you, then there’s a whole buffet for you to pick from too. This place was really cute, we had a table outside in a courtyard that was lit up beautifully and I was treated to a birthday cake, Bintang and traditional happy birthday serenade from the staff! We finished the evening at the Melting Pot saloon which was really fun. There’s pool and ping-pong tables and the walls are lined with flags from around that world and messages from visitors. Make sure you add to it!


The next morning we headed out to the Tegallalang Rice Terraces for a walk through the rice fields. One of Bali’s most famous landscapes. They’ll break open a coconut here for you to drink as you hike around or there’s always a Bintang to hand and you can expect to be treated to a serenade from one of the farmers.




Lunch was at a restaurant over-looking Mount Batur, an active volcano. The food wasn’t amazing, but it’s worth going just for the stunning landscape. There’s also an opportunity to hike Mount Batur to see the sunrise which is supposed to be amazing, something I really need to head back to Bali to do!


Next up was a trip to the Kopi Luwak coffee plantation. Anyone who has seen the film, The Bucket List, will know what I’m talking about… i’m with Jack Nicholson on this one, it’s actually delicious. After a tour around the plantation we were treated to trays of different coffee samples to try before a quick stop at the coffee shop to buy our favourites.



We ended our trip to Ubud with a chilled evening by the pool. We had a lot to get ready for the next morning with a long trip ahead of us to Gili T!..



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