I’m lucky to have met people through travelling that live all over the world, which is great when I want to plan a spontaneous trip as I always have a travel buddy, a tour guide and a place to stay! I’m also lucky enough to have friends that I’ve known since school that have also moved abroad that I can go and visit and explore with.

A while ago (i’m catching up with blogs!) we went to visit our friend Cook in Helsinki, at the time he lived just outside the city, which to me was basically in the woods which was so cool! We visited in April, and although it was still pretty cold, was a really nice time to go.

On the first day we settled in to Cook’s house, met his housemates and then headed out to a sports bar for dinner. One thing to note is that most houses in Finland have built in saunas, how cool is that? Finland is obviously big on ice hockey and we’re all really in to our sports so we spent the night watching the games with the locals over a few beers (when in Rome)!

We tried to make the most of our first full day, heading in to Helsinki for a wander around the city to Senate Square and some shopping.

As the weather was great, Cook recommended jumping on the boat to Suomenlinna Island, an 18th Century sea fortress which is also Finland’s number one tourist spot. The place was great to walk off the drinks from the night before and relax in the sun.

That evening we headed to Apollo Live Club which (after a bottle of gin) was awesome thanks to the live band that I became obsessed with. Despite the very very pricey drinks, I managed to drink enough to continuously volunteer for karaoke, despite everyone’s best attempts to stop me, and had an absolutely amazing night.

The next day was absolutely terrible. I had the hangover from hell and spent a good 70% of the day in bed eating a bag of cookies, whilst the others headed back in to the city. Such a waste of a day, but my god, couldn’t move. That evening Cook’s housemate threw a house party which was so awesome, as we got to meet their friends from all over the world. It’s times like these that I am actually so embarrassed about how lazy the British are at learning languages. Everyone I spoke to could speak English and most could speak 3 or more languages! I wish I could, and definitely something I need to work on. We had such fab hosts, they made loads of food and desserts from scratch which were all amazing and I must have learned birthday songs in about four languages (not that i remember them now).

All in all, Helsinki was a really fantastic city, the shopping was great, the bars were great and the people were amazing. It’s just very expensive!Β I can’t wait to visit other parts of Finland in the future, and hopefully catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights!

P.s. The Moomins (major throwback!) are HUGE here!…


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