On Monday I (very spur of the moment) headed to Edinburgh for a couple of days.

We arrived around 12pm and took the tram to West End to check in to the Waldorf Astoria – The Caledonian. Built in 1899, this hotel is beautiful and was once part of the Princes Street train station, but I particularly loved the free locally made fudge at the check-in desk. The Caledonian is in a great location, within easy walking distance to all the tourist spots, bars, restaurants and shops and has an amazing view of Edinburgh Castle.

We headed around the corner to The Huxley for lunch, which was okay but quick and easy. I really wanted to to go the Edinburgh Gin distillery, but when we got there they weren’t doing any many tours that day. The bar also doesn’t open until 5pm and that evening they were closed for a private event which was disappointing. However I did manage to try most flavours during my short time in Edinburgh, and it’s bloody delicious. My favourite was the rhubarb and ginger.

We decided to make the most of the rest of the afternoon before we had to head out that evening, and went up to Edinburgh Castle. It was a bit of a challenge trying to find our way in if i’m honest, walking up from the hotel, there were very few signs and we bumped in to a lot of people just as lost! We eventually made it and bought tickets for the castle which were Β£18 each. I personally think this is pretty expensive! When i’ve been to castles before, for example in Japan, there are usually options for just the grounds of the castle or the grounds and the castle. I would have preferred just to have paid for a grounds ticket as we didn’t have a lot of time, but this wasn’t an option. It was cool to see, and the view was amazing but it was incredibly windy as you can imagine! Most areas of the castle are open, so you can see the prisons and crown jewels etc. too.

Fully windswept, we wandered down the Royal Mile and the famous Victoria Street then walked back to the hotel, picking up some prosecco on the way, to get ready and head out that evening!

The evening was spent at Edinburgh Festival Theatre for round 2 of Bill Murray’s New Worlds show. A crazy, surreal, gin-filled night once again.

Day 2 started with a very long lay in and only just making it in time for breakfast. Although, as ever, the breakfast was amazing. It was another beautiful sunny day so we decided to hike up to Arthur’s Seat. It was a fairly steep hike and on a lot of it there aren’t actually any marked paths so trying to climb and make our own route in the wind was definitely a challenge. But when we reached the top it was oh so worth it! The view is insane.


In total we spent about 2 and a half hours from hotel to the hotel, although we did stop quite a lot on the walk to take photos and wander around shops. After the climb back down we made our way back to the hotel, and just happened across The Elephant House, which is where JK Rowling wrote Harry Potter.

We took a taxi to the airport, stuffed our faces with burritos, grabbed Krispe Kreme’s for the plane, and that, was that! A very short trip, but amazing as ever, mainly thanks to a few people!


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